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Pasante Super Mix 50p Pasante Super Mix 50p - Condoms

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A fantastic mix of condoms to a fantastic price. Not to be missed!



Pasante Taste 72p Pasante Taste - 72 Condoms

A mix of flavoured and coloured condoms for extra fun



Pasante Regular 50p Pasante Regular - 50 Condoms

High quality condom shaped for a better fit to give better comfort and feeling



Pasante King Size 50p Pasante King Size - 50 Condoms

This condom is significantly larger than other large condoms.



Pasante Feel (Sensitive) 50p Pasante Feel (Sensitive) - 50 Condoms

Pasante Feel (Sensitive) - Thinner than standard condoms and they induce heat transfer for an intensely real feeling.



Pasante Trim 50p Pasante Trim - 50 Condoms

A tighter condom for a closer fit and to provide more sensation and confidence.



Pasante Super King 50p Pasante Super King - 50 Condoms

The largest condom on the market to a great price! The largest condom on the market to a great price! Impressive width of 69mm.



Pasante Extra Safe 50p Pasante Extra Safe - 50 Condoms

A slightly thicker condom with extra lubricant so that you can feel as safe as possible.




12 EXS Condoms - £1.99

Buy 12 EXS Condoms for £1.99

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Find the right condom size for you to increase comfort and improve performance.


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