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  1. EXS Snug Fit
    EXS Snug Fit - Condoms
    Slightly tighter condoms for a better and safer fit.
    As low as £0.25
  2. ON Little Tiger - Condoms
    ON Little Tiger - Condoms
    A condom with a closer fit
    As low as £0.33
  3. Amor Young condoms
    Amor Young - Condoms
    Closer fitting condom for a better fit and increased safety
    As low as £0.28
  4. Soft Slim
    Soft Slim - Condoms
    This is a smaller condom that really fits!
    As low as £0.49
  5. Mates Conform
    Mates Conform - Condoms
    These condoms are slightly smaller than normal condoms.
    As low as £0.29
  6. Pasante Trim
    Pasante Trim - Condoms
    A tighter condom for a closer fit and to provide more sensation and confidence.
    As low as £2.79
  7. Ceylor Tight Feeling
    Ceylor Tight Feeling - Condoms
    Tighter cut and better fit for more security
    As low as £6.99
  8. Ritex 47
    Ritex 47 - Condoms

    Slim fit - secure feeling

    As low as £1.39
  9. RFSU Tight
    RFSU Tight - Condoms
    A small condom with a tight fit and a straight shape.
    As low as £0.89
  10. Glyde Slimfit Red - Condoms
    Glyde Slimfit Red - Condoms
    A strawberry flavoured, smaller sized vegan condom
    As low as £1.05
  11. Worlds Best Slim Line
    Worlds Best Slim Line - Condoms
    Smaller smooth condom with a tighter fit
    As low as £7.99
  12. Glyde Slimfit
    Glyde Slimfit - Condoms
    A smaller sized vegan condom
    As low as £1.05
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