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Durex Intense Orgasmic 18 condoms Durex Intense Orgasmic 18 Pieces Condoms

Lubricated with a stimulating gel to increase sensitivity of her intimate areas




EXS Mega Mix EXS Mega Mix 48p Condoms

The ultimate condom mix from EXS is here! This mix bag has it all. Not to be missed!




Pasante Super Mix 50p - Condoms Pasante Super Mix 50p - Condoms

3 recension(er)

A fantastic mix of condoms to a fantastic price. Not to be missed!



EXS Air Thin - Condoms EXS Air Thin - Condoms

6 recension(er)

One of the thinnest latex condoms in the world



Durex Mutual Climax x 10 Durex Mutual Climax - Condoms

1 recension(er)

Speeds her up and slows him down! Ribbed and dotted for her pleasure and a climax delay lubricant to help him.



Durex Extra Safe - Condoms Durex Extra Safe - Condoms

1 recension(er)

Designed for a very comfortable fit with extra lubricant for more fun and great reassurance.



Mates Skyn Original - Condoms Mates Skyn Original - Condoms

3 recension(er)

A revolutionary latex free condom making it softer for a more natural feeling. Almost like wearing nothing.



Pasante King - Condoms Pasante King - Condoms

This condom is significantly larger than other large condoms.




12 EXS Condoms - £1.99

Buy 12 EXS Condoms for £1.99

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Find the right condom size for you to increase comfort and improve performance.


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