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Condoms come in different sizes and choosing the perfect size will increase comfort and enhance performance. Just as not every man is built the same, neither is every condom. Too small, and the condom may break or be uncomfortable. Too large, and the condom could slip off. On our website, you will find a large selection of condoms of different sizes and types. 

Did you know?

A standard-fit condom only fits 50% of men, which means that the 50% left of men might use condoms that don't fit, and this can increase the risk of breakage if they use standard condoms. That is the reason why you have to make sure to choose the right size of condoms.


How to choose condoms with the right size for you?

Firstly, measure the length of your fully erected penis.  Start measure at the base of the penis and mark how far it is to the tip. Then, measure the girth of your penis. Easiest is to use a piece of sting and loop it around the thickest part of your erected penis, then measure the string.

Below you can filter on length and girth of all condoms so you will find the best fit for you. The condom should completely cover your penis and have a slightly smaller girth then your own.

Many condom manufactures write out the width of the condom instead of the girth, the girth is the width of the condom multiplied with 2.


Try different sizes and options

Once you've found your size, don't hesitate to explore and try different brands and types of condoms. You can, for example, buy flavored condoms, colored textures, or even glow-in-the-the-dark condoms!

On, you can buy single condoms to try out different brands and sizes. This will enable you to find the model that suits you.  When ordering on our website, your order will be shipped quickly and discreetly delivered to your mailbox. 

Below you can filter out the condoms you're looking for, sort on brand, size, colour, etc.

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  1. EXS Air Thin
    EXS Air Thin - Condoms
    One of the thinnest latex condoms in the world
    As low as £0.25
  2. Mates Skyn Original
    Mates Skyn Original - Condoms
    A revolutionary latex free condom making it softer for a more natural feeling. Almost like wearing nothing.
    As low as £0.55
  3. EXS Nano Thin
    EXS Nano Thin - Condoms
    A standard sized super thin condom
    As low as £0.25
  4. EXS Snug Fit
    EXS Snug Fit - Condoms
    Slightly tighter condoms for a better and safer fit.
    As low as £0.25
  5. EXS Regular
    EXS Regular - Condoms
    A fantastic regular silicone lubricated latex condom at a bargain price!
    As low as £0.25
  6. Amor Wild Love
    Amor Wild Love - Condoms
    Extra studded condoms for extra pleasure
    As low as £0.28
  7. Amor Wild Dreams
    Amor Wild Dreams - Condoms
    Ribbed condoms for extra pleasure
    As low as £0.28
  8. Fair Squared Ultra Thin – Condoms
    Fair Squared Ultra Thin – Condoms
    Ultra Thin vegan condom for extra sensation.
    As low as £0.69
  9. Pasante Infinity Delay
    Pasante Infinity Delay - Condoms
    For longer lasting pleasure. Lubricated with a special lubricant to help delay male climax.
    As low as £3.79
  10. EXS Delay
    EXS Delay - Condoms

    Last longer during love making

    As low as £0.24
  11. Vitalis Delay & Cooling - Condoms
    Vitalis Delay & Cooling – Condoms
    Get a longer lasting experience!
    As low as £0.58
  12. Pasante Trim
    Pasante Trim - Condoms
    A tighter condom for a closer fit and to provide more sensation and confidence.
    As low as £2.79
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