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Here you will find a wide selection of condoms of regular size. Get inspired by our large selection and choose the condoms that are right for you and your needs.

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Durex Intense Orgasmic condoms Durex Intense Orgasmic - Condoms

Lubricated with a stimulating gel to increase sensitivity of her intimate areas



EXS Air Thin - Condoms EXS Air Thin - Condoms

5 recension(er)

One of the thinnest latex condoms in the world



EXS Regular - Condoms EXS Regular - Condoms

A fantastic regular silicone lubricated latex condom at a bargain price!



Durex Excite Me Durex Excite Me - Condoms

A condom for extra pleasure and intensity



Soft Longer SOFT Longer - Condoms

Delays ejaculation and prolongs sexual pleasure



RFSU Power Boost - Condoms RFSU Power Boost - Condoms

Extra thin condom with ribs, dots and amino acid Larginin



Ritex Feeling - Condoms Ritex Feeling - Condoms

Contoured-shaped condom for a tight fit and increased intimate pleasure



Ritex Magic - Condoms Ritex Magic - Condoms

Condom with water-based lubricant allowing for a magically natural feeling




12 EXS Condoms - £1.99

Buy 12 EXS Condoms for £1.99

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