Small (-50 mm)

Here you will find a wide selection of smaller condoms with a tighter fit. Get inspired by our large selection and choose the condoms that are right for you and your needs.

Use the filters below to filter out the condoms you are looking for. You can sort after brand, colour, thickness etc.

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  1. EXS Snug Fit Condoms
    EXS Snug Fit - Condoms
    Slightly tighter condoms for a better and safer fit.
    As low as £0.25
  2. My.Size 47
    My.Size 47 - Condoms
    One of the smallest condoms in the world with a width of only 47mm
    As low as £0.89
  3. Mates Conform
    Mates Conform - Condoms
    These condoms are slightly smaller than normal condoms.
    As low as £0.29
  4. My.Size 49
    My.Size 49 - Condoms
    This condom is smaller than a regular condom with its width of 49mm
    As low as £0.89
  5. ON Little Tiger - Condoms
    ON Little Tiger - Condoms
    A condom with a closer fit
    As low as £0.33
  6. Pasante Trim
    Pasante Trim - Condoms
    A tighter condom for a closer fit and to provide more sensation and confidence.
    As low as £2.79
  7. Soft Slim
    Soft Slim - Condoms
    This is a smaller condom that really fits!
    As low as £0.49
  8. Amor Young
    Amor Young - Condoms
    Closer fitting condom for a better fit and increased safety
    As low as £0.28
  9. Glyde Slimfit - Condoms
    Glyde Slimfit - Condoms
    A smaller sized vegan condom
    As low as £1.05
  10. Ritex 47
    Ritex 47 - Condoms

    Slim fit - secure feeling

    As low as £1.39
  11. Worlds Best Slim Line
    Worlds Best Slim Line - Condoms
    Smaller smooth condom with a tighter fit
    As low as £7.99
  12. RFSU Tight
    RFSU Tight - Condoms
    A small condom with a tight fit and a straight shape.
    As low as £0.89
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