Extra Safe

Extra Safe condoms provide the best protection when you need it most and are slightly thicker than regular condoms. Extra Safe condoms don’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort since they are extra lubricated for a more comfortable fit.

Here you will find a large selection extra safe condoms at lowest market price.

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  1. EXS Extra Safe
    EXS Extra Safe - Condoms
    Slightly thicker condom for max protection when reassurance is needed!
    As low as £0.25
  2. Durex Extra Safe
    Durex Extra Safe - Condoms
    Designed for a very comfortable fit with extra lubricant for more fun and great reassurance.
    As low as £5.95
  3. Amor Strong
    Amor Strong - Condoms
    The condom that gives you longer and safer sex
    As low as £0.28
  4. Pasante Extra Safe
    Pasante Extra Safe - Condoms
    A slightly thicker condom with extra lubricant so that you can feel as safe as possible.
    As low as £2.99
  5. Ceylor Extra Strong
    Ceylor Extra Strong - Condoms
    Extra safe condom for stronger and longer-lasting lovemaking
    As low as £6.99
  6. Vitalis Strong - Condoms
    Vitalis Strong – Condoms
    Thicker condom for extra safety with no lust lost
    As low as £0.48
  7. Billy Boy Protection - Condoms
    Billy Boy Protection - Condoms
    Strong condoms for a safe feeling
    As low as £4.29
  8. ON Strong - Condoms
    ON Strong - Condoms
    Thicker and stronger than standard condoms
    As low as £3.79
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