Extra Thin

Are you looking to get a skin-to skin feeling? Then, you are at the right place. On our website you will find a large selection of different brands of extra thin condoms, that will make you feel even closer to your partner and increase your sensations. Extra thin condom will even make you forget that you are wearing one!

Are using extra thin condoms dangerous?
Extra thin and thin condoms do not tend to break more often than the normal ones. Mortother, all the condoms available on our website have been meticulously tested and passed all the industry standards.

Here are some advice which will help you prevent eventual blowouts and breakage:

  • Keep you condom away from high temperatures.
  • Use your fingers (and not you teeth or nails) to open the package and open it right before using it.
  • Use silicon and water based lubricant. Indeed, a lack of lubricant can cause a breakage of the condom.

On condomoutlet.uk you will find a large selection of thin and extra thin condoms or different brands and of different sizes. So don’t hesitate and order now! When ordering on our website, your order will be shipped quickly and discreetly delivered to your mailbox.

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  1. EXS Air Thin
    EXS Air Thin - Condoms
    One of the thinnest latex condoms in the world
    As low as £0.25
  2. Durex Ultra Thin Feel
    Durex Ultra Thin Feel - Condoms
    20% thinner than Durex standard latex condoms
    As low as £6.99
  3. Pasante Unique
    Pasante Unique - Condoms
    A revolutionary condom in both its design and material.
    As low as £2.79
  4. Mates Ultra Thin
    Mates Ultra Thin - Condoms
    The ideal condom for those looking for extra sensitivity with security.
    As low as £0.37
  5. Protex Original 0.02
    Protex Original 0.02 - Condoms
    A latex free condom that are extremely thin and the sexual experience is completely different to any other condom.
    As low as £2.49
  6. Lelo HEX - Condoms
    Lelo HEX - Condoms
    A new totally unique condom! Super thin, yet very strong for maximum pleasure!
    As low as £2.99
  7. Skins Ultra Thin - Condoms
    Skins Ultra Thin - Condoms
    An extra thin condom for a better skin on skin feeling
    As low as £0.35
  8. Amor Thin
    Amor Thin - Condoms
    15% thinner than standard condoms and gives you a more natural feeling!
    As low as £0.28
  9. Pasante Silk Thin
    Pasante Silk Thin - Condoms
    Pasante’s thinnest condom – only 0.04 mm thick
    As low as £27.19
  10. RFSU Thin
    RFSU Thin - Condoms
    Extra thin condom with extra lubricant for a closer feeling
    As low as £0.89
  11. Sultan Ultra Thin
    Sultan Ultra Thin - Condoms
    35% thinner than Durex condoms
    As low as £1.49
  12. Billy Boy White - Condoms
    Billy Boy White - Condoms
    Extra thin condom for increased sensation
    As low as £26.90
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