Extra Thin

Extra thin condoms are designed for more natural feeling.  Extra thin condoms are much thinner than regular condoms but still offer the same safety and reliability.

Here you will find a large selection of extra thin condoms at lowest market price.


Manix Contact - Condoms Manix Contact - Condoms

Regular condom with a unique closer fit shape for extra reassurance and sensation



Pasante Feel (Sensitive) - Condoms Pasante Feel (Sensitive) - Condoms

Pasante Feel (Sensitive) - Thinner than standard condoms and they induce heat transfer for an intensely real feeling.



EXS Nano Thin - Condoms EXS Nano Thin - Condoms

A standard sized super thin condom



Pasante Silk Thin Pasante Silk Thin - Condoms

Pasante’s thinnest condom – only 0.04 mm thick



Lelo HEX Respect XL - Condoms Lelo HEX Respect XL - Condoms

Larger version of the popular LELO HEX condom. Super large, super thin, super strong!



RFSU Power Boost - Condoms RFSU Power Boost - Condoms

Extra thin condom with ribs, dots and amino acid Larginin



Durex Comfort XL - Condoms Durex Comfort XL - Condoms

A comfortable extra large condom designed to provide better fit



Durex Thin Feel x 12 Durex Thin Feel - Condoms

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The thinnest Durex condom - sleek fit and feel during sex




12 EXS Condoms - £1.99

Buy 12 EXS Condoms for £1.99

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