Ribs & Dots

Here you find a wide selection of condoms with both ribs and dots. Dots are stimulating during lovemaking, ribs provide extra pleasure at the right moment. Pure pleasure for both him and her. Try out our different ribs & dots condoms and find the right condom.

Mates Intensity Mates Intensity - Condoms

A unique fitted condom shape and rows of raised ribs and studs for maximum stimulation.



Durex Mutual Pleasure Durex Mutual Pleasure - Condoms

Speeds her up and slows him down! Ribbed and dotted for her pleasure and a Pleasure delay lubricant to help him.



Ritex Lust - Condoms Ritex Lust - Condoms

A condom with a special studded and ribbed texture for increased stimulation



Durex Pleasure Me Durex Pleasure Me - Condoms

3 recension(er)

Durex Pleasure Me (Pleasuremax) – Try Durex Pleasure Me (Pleasuremax) to achieve maximum pleasure.



Soft Extreme - Condoms Soft Extreme - Condoms

Anatomic condom with both ribs and dots.



Worlds Best Cli Max Worlds Best Cli Max - Condoms

Double shaped anatomical condom



Pasante Ribs & Dots Pasante Intensity - Condoms

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Ribbed and dotted condoms to give extra pleasure and greater feeling.



Amor Wild Moments - Condoms Amor Wild Moments - Condoms

Ribbed, studded and contoured condoms – Highly recommended




12 EXS Condoms - £1.99

Buy 12 EXS Condoms for £1.99

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Find the right condom size for you to increase comfort and improve performance.


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