Here you can find a wide selection of condoms with different flavours. The typical latex flavour and smell will be covered making oral intercourse more tasteful. Check out the wide selection and find the right flavour that fits you best.

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  1. EXS Bubblegum Rap
    EXS Bubblegum Rap - Condoms
    Unique flavoured bubblegum lubricant added to increase the taste sensation.
    As low as £0.25
  2. Amor Cold Moments
    Amor Cold Moments - Condoms
    This condom both cools and stimulates
    As low as £0.49
  3. EXS Hot Chocolate
    EXS Hot Chocolate - Condoms
    Everybody’s favourite flavour - This condom has a strong and authentic hot chocolate flavour that is very tasty indeed.
    As low as £0.25
  4. EXS Crazy Cola
    EXS Crazy Cola - Condoms
    A cola flavoured condom for those who are after something a little bit different.
    As low as £0.25
  5. Amor Cherry
    Amor Cherry - Condoms
    A condom with cherry flavour and with European standard measure
    As low as £0.28
  6. Skins Bubblegum - Condoms
    Skins Bubblegum - Condoms
    A bubblegum flavoured condom with as nice aroma as well
    As low as £0.34
  7. Pasante Taste
    Pasante Taste - Condoms
    A mix of flavoured and coloured condoms for extra fun
    As low as £3.79
  8. EXS Mega Mix
    EXS Mega Mix 48p Condoms
    The ultimate condom mix from EXS is here! This mix bag has it all. Not to be missed!
    Special Price £16.99 Regular Price £22.99
  9. Amor Banana
    Amor Banana - Condoms
    Condoms with banana flavour. If you like banana then this condom is a must try
    As low as £0.28
  10. Amor Tutti Frutti
    Amor Tutti Frutti - Condoms
    An exciting condom with Tutti-Frutti flavour
    As low as £0.28
  11. ON Strawberry - Condoms
    ON Strawberry - Condoms
    A yummy strawberry flavoured condom
    As low as £0.33
  12. Amor Spearmint
    Amor Spearmint - Condoms
    Do you like spearmint? Well then you have to try this condom with spearmint flavour
    As low as £0.28
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