Vitali's condoms are now available in a wide range of different models. Here you will find thin, XL and delayed condoms, but also a wide range of different flavours.

In recent years, Vitalis condoms have had a facelift when it comes to especially the design of the packaging, but also the range has been extended quite significantly.

All Vitalis condoms are manufactured by R & S Consumer Goods GmbH, Munich, Germany in accordance with the quality standard EN ISO 40742002.

Here you will find a large selection of Vitalis condoms at the lowest market price.

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  1. Vitalis Delay & Cooling - Condoms
    Vitalis Delay & Cooling – Condoms
    Get a longer lasting experience!
    As low as £0.58
  2. Vitalis X-Large - Condoms
    Vitalis X-Large – Condoms
    A larger condom for those who needs a little more
    As low as £0.48
  3. Vitalis Ribbed - Condoms
    Vitalis Ribbed – Condoms
    A ribbed condom for the ultimate climax
    As low as £0.48
  4. Vitalis Stimulation & Warming - Condoms
    Vitalis Stimulation & Warming – Condoms
    Turn up the heat in the bedroom
    As low as £0.58
  5. Vitalis Natural - Condoms
    Vitalis Natural – Condoms
    A classic condom for total relaxation
    As low as £0.48
  6. Vitalis Comfort Plus - Condoms
    Vitalis Comfort Plus – Condoms
    Flared condom for extra comfort
    As low as £0.48
  7. Vitalis Strong - Condoms
    Vitalis Strong – Condoms
    Thicker condom for extra safety with no lust lost
    As low as £0.48
  8. Vitalis Super Thin - Condoms
    Vitalis Super Thin – Condoms
    An extra thin condom for an enhanced feeling
    As low as £0.48
  9. Vitalis Strawberry - Condoms
    Vitalis Strawberry – Condoms
    A nice strawberry flavoured condom
    As low as £0.48
  10. Vitalis Chocolate - Condoms
    Vitalis Chocolate – Condom
    A nice chocolate flavoured condom
    As low as £5.59
  11. Vitalis Orange - Condoms
    Vitalis Orange – Condoms
    A nice orange flavoured condom
    As low as £5.37
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