EXS G-Lover Vibrating Ring 1 Piece

EXS G-Lover Vibrating Ring 1 Piece

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Unlike normal rings, the G-vibrator is designed to sit under a condom, higher up the penis. From here it gets to work directly on a woman's G-spot providing unbelievable sensation for her and stimulating him in all the right places. EXS have redesigned the G-Lover so that it can be re-used with a replaceable battery. The G-lover can also be used during foreplay or masturbation by placing it around your finger for some vibration pleasure on the nipples or genital area.

The G-Vibrators slim and discrete shape means that all you feel are its intense vibrations. Each G-Vibrator lasts around 45 minutes. Easy to turn on and off and it can be hygienically reused as it sits underneath the condom. The ring is waterproof and should be rinsed in warm soapy water after each use.

The Box Contains:

1 EXS Regular Condom
1 EXS G-Lover Vibrating Ring
1 Set of Instructions

Note: The G-lover is designed to be used with a condom. Failure to use a condom could result in the ring slipping off and remaining in your partner.


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